Miso Grilled Salmon

3:38 AM

Instead of using teriyaki, salt (shioyaki) or lemon, why not try marinating your salmon with generous amount of Miso paste. Sprinkle a little crushed black peppercorn, and grill it skin down before flipping it to the other side. Don't overcook it! Serve with sushi vinegar rice, soup and salad for a quick, easy, healthy meal. Miso is already salty so little to no salt is needed for this dish. 

Good luck! 

Tag me @haniehidayah on instagram if you've tried any of the recipes, I'd like to see them!

Bon Appétit 

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  1. Salam. Dear, Where to buy the instant miso sup ?? craving for that =D

    1. Hello Lydia, any large supermarkets in Malaysia has instant Miso Soup paste. Just look for it at the Japanese imported section. Best of luck! =)


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