Fruits in Cream

3:42 AM

I'm not really a sweet tooth but this is one of those in my exception list. Taught by my good friend Tasya, I love this when chilled, sprinkled with a bit of grated parmesan. Sounds odd, but it's a lovely combination of sweet, sour and milky. Not to be consumed too much though, cause it really does get cloying after a while. Great for cocktails, dinner parties as dessert of served in small shot glasses.


- condensed milk
- Whipping cream
- Diced, peeled & small pieces of acidic fruits (green and red apples, berried, cherries, grapes) 
- Nata de Coco
- Nuts, if preferred.

How to:

1. Mix whipping cream and condensed milk together. Taste to own preference.
2. Cut fruits into small cube-d pieces. Slice grapes in halves. 
3. Drain Nata de Coco from the syrup and mix it with the fruits. If you want a little bit of the syrup flavor, you may add in some of it.
4. Mix the fruits inside the whipped cream mixture.
5. You may add in peanuts, or raisins if you like.
6. Chill in refrigerator and serve. 

Tag me @haniehidayah on instagram if you've tried any of the recipes, I'd like to see them! 

Bon Appétit 

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