Honey Soy Chicken

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This is probably the first time I'm giving out recipes on my blog and since I'm a sucker for anything quick, I thought I'd share with you guys things I eat at home. They aren't difficult to make and definitely would taste better than your usual instant noodles.

I've had this recipe for a very long time but I tried it with other chicken parts before and it wasn't very pleasant. The meat became dry and tough so I thought that this time around, I should opt for a combination of meat, fats and skin and the honey will caramelize the skin to a perfection. However, I shall try this again with chicken wings or ribs and perhaps it'll turn out like sticky bones consistency, and put them on a grill instead of oven bake them.


- Honey
- Light Soy Sauce
- A whole garlic (finely chopped)
- Ribs or White meat: Chicken butt or small pieces of chicken with fats (for non-halal version you can use pork)


1. Mix honey and soy into a bowl and whisk until honey is dissolved.
2. Make sure you taste the mixture to your liking and not make it too thick.
3. Chop garlic into fine pieces and mix it to the honey and soy.
4. Dump in the meat, mix and keep it in fridge overnight, if possible. If not, pour them in a baking tray. Make sure the sauce does not drown the meat. 
5. Grill in the oven at 180, try 15minutes at first, turn it around halfway. Time? Well since pieces of chicken is small, it depends on how crispy you'd like the outside to be. 
6. Pop it in your mouth and taste the sinful goodness of fats, meat covered in sweet, garlicky caramelized skin.

Happy nomming!

Tag me @haniehidayah on instagram if you've tried any of the recipes, I'd like to see them!

Bon Appétit 

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