12 (and more) Quirky Food Combos You Should Try

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I'm pretty sure most of you have at least one favorite guilty pleasure that consists of unusual combinations. I've tried plenty of combinations throughout my life and though I never wanted to taste some ever again in my life, there are a few that I've been secretly indulging whenever I make a drive to the fast food joint or grocery markets. I love the usual combo of sweet and savoury but I have a special place in my heart (and tummy) for these - fries and ice cream, dark chocolate and salt flakes, Chocolate & Tabasco, Kaya Toast & Cheese and more. I asked my Facebook friends, and some from my personal encounters to list out their favorite quirky food combo that you should try at least once in your life. 

1. McDonald's French Fries + McDonald's Chocolate Sundae

This is my personal favorite. Some people find it weird, but somehow the soggier the fries, the better it tastes. McDonald's fries are the best to go with vanilla ice cream. Just make sure you sprinkle some salt on it.

2. PBJ + Cheddar Cheese toast

I am probably the last person among my friends to discover peanut butter and jam sandwich although I've seen and heard it mentioned countless times in kids shows growing up. However, not until I met my husband that I discovered the beauty of PBJ sandwich with cheddar cheese combo. Now, it's our quick go-to snack, especially after a night out at 4am and it works even on crackers. 

3. Watermelon Dipped in Chocolate & Salt Flakes

submitted by Raqeema

I never thought I'd ever like watermelon, not even if it's dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt but I might change my mind someday (when I start loving watermelon, maybe?)

4. Tuna Flakes with Potato Chips

I love tuna flakes on everything, and I found this recipe online. What's better than having tuna flakes on pasta or salad, then topped with potato chips and guac. I mean, why would you ever reject anything with guac?!

5. Wasabi Grilled Cheese Sandwich

I've had carbonara with wasabi and it was amazing. I then realised that Wasabi tastes great on anything creamy as it cuts the cloying taste. Do you think wasabi grilled cheese sandwich would taste good though? Some salsa in between should be something surprisingly edible, no?

6. Nando's Peri Peri Sauce with Mushroom Soup

Submitted by Evelynn

Well, my friend Evelynn pretty much has weird quirks but I've seen her eat peri peri sauce with almost everything (and she dips apple pie in chilli jam by the way). I suppose Nando's peri peri in mushroom soup isn't such a weird thing as it adds a little bit of tanginess and heat. Would you try this?

7. Chicken Noodle Soup with Ketchup (or any instant noodles actually).

I've seen my cousin eat chicken ramen noodles with ketchup while growing up and I thought she was weird, until I found out that there are others like her. Maybe I shall brave up and try this one soon?

8. Mozzarella Cheese Sticks dipped in Sambal Belacan (fermented shrimp chilli jam)

submitted by Sherly

I love mozzarella cheese sticks and sambal belacan on their own, but together? Wow. How have I not thought of this before? Check out also these different types of belacan jams to make for your next meals. 

9. Chicken Nuggets Dipped in Chocolate

submitted by Gary Anwar

Honestly, I'm not so sure about this one but if it comes from my friend Gary who is a trained chef, then it should be legit. I trust you on this one, Gary!

10. Ramen with Cheese Slices

submitted by Danny New

I've been noticing this trend of putting cheese slices into instant ramen over the past few years, and I've to say that it's interesting yet it's one of those combos that I am not entirely sure if I would ever try it. How many people have tried this before?

11. Fried Calamari dipped in Japanese Sesame Dressing

Actually, just anything with Japanese Sesame Dressing. Fried Wings dipped in sesame dressing is the best substitute for buffalo wings and bleu cheese. 

12. Potato Chips dipped in Nutella

You shouldn't even try to argue with this one. Just, no. 

I think I lost count after a while, as the comments were flooding in which more awesome quirky food or drink combos that I just decided to list them out below. Leave me a comment if you have other quirky food combos you love, or if anything on the list would be of interest for you to try! 

Juinn - Chinese Tea & Whiskey
Raqeema - Crushed Potato Chips on Ice Cream
Bainun - Prawn Fritters dipped in Milk Tea (?)
Shairazi - Banana Fritters in Lingham Chilli Jam
Evelynn - McDonald's Apple Pie with Chilli Jam
Somboon - Biryani with Fermented Fish Sauce
Donn - Skewered Meat (satay) with Tabasco sauce
Tia - Instant Chicken Noodles with Sweetened Milk & Egg
Eric - Biryani with Ketchup
Gary - Blueberry Sandwich and Cheese Slices
Gabriella - Sprite (and any carbonated drinks) with salt
Bonnie - Naan Bread with Sweetened Condensed Milk
Evelyn - Fries dunked in Icy Coke (?)
Jenkin - Sashimi with Chocolate Fondue (??)
Nalisa - Peanut Butter and Dill Pickles
Miranda - Seaweed & Dark Chocolate
ZacSauerkraut, blue cheese, and smoked salmon, with habanero tobasco sauce
Emily - PEanut Butter Sandwich with Cucumber Slices
Andrew - Instant Chicken Noodles & Tuna Mayo
Nabil - Curry, Rice and Banana (??)

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